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Please note: If you have not paid your 2018 dues by 3/31/17, your membership from the prior year (2017) will be terminated 30 days following 3/31/18. Thank you.

When applying for Membership, please read this page in its entirety.

For all membership and administrative issues, please contact Denise Jungling.

Mailing address:

1201 Blacksmith Drive
Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone: (408) 482-7759

Email CMOA

Regular Members:

Any full-time Law Enforcement Officer to include Level I and Level II Reserve Law Enforcement Officers, active or retired, with an interest in Mounted Law Enforcement. Any individual affiliated with a Law Enforcement Agency Mounted Unit and performing one of the following functions: (a) Level III Reserve Law Enforcement Officer; (b) Volunteer Mounted Group; (c) Sheriff and Police Posses; (d) Paid or Volunteer Civilians associated with a Mounted Unit. All applications for membership must be in writing and approved by the Membership Committee.

Annual Dues:
      $35.00/$50.00 after March 31.

Please note that submission of an application of membership (renewal application or new application) is subject to a processing time and/or approval. Thank you for your patience. Applications must be accompanied by a copy of a department issued photo ID and a letter from a supervisor verifying current affiliation. Retirees are exempt from the letter provided they can show a retired ID. 

2018 Membership Application